What is Isivuno?

Isivuno is a data platform used to power creative projects. From mobile apps to art installations we cover and support it all. It started as a way to provide a foundation for new media art installations which requires data to power interactive experiences. From physical sensors to social media data we built a platform to consolidate and provide the infrastructure to facilitate this type of interaction.

How can we help

We help your creative projects thrive with the right data. Chat to us to see how we can help you gather, transform and deliver the data you need in the eco system of your own choice. Our simple to use API will allow your developers to access what they need, when they need. Don't have a developer? Just get in touch and we'll gladly assist in set-up and managing the custom integrations process for your creative endeavour.

Machine Learning

Through the power of machine learning we are able to train different models and expose the predictions they offer either through our support team or for your developer with an easy to use API (Application Programmable Interface). Isivuno can provide sentiment analyis or predictions based on specific criteria from your data and expose this to your project in a useful way. An example of this would be the prediction of the real value of second hand vehicles in our mobile application Revs based on specific properties like colour, year and mileage.

Get in touch

Drop us a note and tell us about your project.